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British Peas

British Peas

We have a partnership with the Anglian Pea Growers (APG) who are a cooperative of 150 growers in the counties for Norfolk and Suffolk which provide some of the best pea growing conditions in the world. Our partnership is based on a common drive for high quality, great value produce to meet the needs of consumers, the environment and British farmers.

Soil Fertility and Nutrients 

The region delivers a pH and nutrient level that ensures the highest quality and tastiest peas. The soil used is nutrient rich and has a pH of 6.5 which means great tasting peas. It is essential that the nutrients are in the soil for growing high quality peas. Regular testing ensures that ‘nitrate vulnerable zones’ are monitored to maintain quality. 

Selection of Pea Varieties 

It is key that we work closely with our seed suppliers. This allows us to grow and develop the most suitable varieties. Principles based on taste and farming use are considered. 

Pest Management 

This ensures that the use of pesticides is minimized and any risks of spillage are addressed in order to avoid entering any water courses. 

Traceability and Integrity 

All our peas are traceable to the farm from which they were harvested and ensure that we know where the peas in every bag come from. All of the peas are frozen within 2.5 hours of being harvested to ensure that the maximum nutritional content is locked in. 

A season in the Field

  • January - February
    Land preparation & crop planning

  • March - May

  • June
    Harvesting begins

  • August
    Harvesting ends

  • September - October
    Crop residues ploughed/ cultivation & drilling begins for cereal crop

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