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Storage & Distribution

Storage and Distribution

As well as supplying frozen fruit, vegetables and herbs to leading retailers, wholesalers, caterers and manufacturing companies, Ardo UK has extensive experience of high quality storage and distribution services. This will not only give you top quality services for you and your customers, but also will maintain the storage cost competitive against stand-alone cold storage and distribution companies operating consolidation sites.

The secret of our success? 

Ardo Group’s reinvestment philosophy is about long term business thus ensuring the stability of the company is assured. Our latest investment was to extend our cold storage capacity from 18,500 to 22,500 pallets with our latest cold storage extension. Our 22,500 pallet cold store facility in Kent is strategically placed to cover UK and European distribution markets by being only 30 minutes from the Channel Tunnel and Dover port. 

State-of-the-art technology 

The store uses state of the art movable racking, environmentally friendly cooling systems and complete integrity of the cold chain. Other key features include:  

  • State of the art radio frequency equipment 
  • BRC accredited 
  • 24 hour site CCTV monitoring including the unloading docks for security
  • Daily return vehicles to all over Europe 
  • Full traceability 
  • Full national distribution coverage including Eire 
  • Consolidation services for large retailer services 

For more information and prices please contact: 
Andy Butler
T: 01233 714430 

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